Support Services

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Helen Goad - Hypnotherapist and BWRT®️ Practitioner. Helen works from North Cumbria Therapies in Penrith. Working with the therapies she has gained to help clients move forwards. BWRT®️ (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy) is fast and effective at working with trauma, anxiety, fears and phobias and in some cases without having to go into great detail about what the problem is. In recant years Helen has been working more and more with anxiety, panic and other stress disorders.
Looking for long and lasting change

South Lakes Horsemanship

A small and friendly family run business offering professional and experienced advice and training with a range of equestrian requirements and therapy.


Joanne Caffrey - TotalTrain is an award-winning training, consultancy and expert witness service business with the over-riding aim to safeguard vulnerable people through health, safety and care. We specialise in the following sectors: Education, Care, Custody. We specialise in the following topics: Safeguarding / child protection, Challenging behaviour, Complex needs, Special Educational Needs & Disabilities, Safer custody,  and Person centred care. Total Train has a range of professional associates working with the business to provide a multi-disciplined approach for work places. ACEs Awareness Training will be available soon.

Cumbria Stress and Trauma Centre 

Vicki Hastings - Cumbria Stress and Trauma Centre is an established service based in Cumbria with years of international experience and an outstanding reputation.

Our experience covers work with organisations and individuals. We aim to provide a service second to none, using effective, straight-forward, and effective brief approaches.

PAC Therapy

PAC is a registered charity based in Carlisle, Cumbria that provides free counselling and therapy for children and young people. Sessions can be non-verbal or talking therapy, dramatherapy, or art therapy. The sessions are confidential and held weekly at PAC’s offices in Carlisle city centre and the amount of therapy sessions will vary based on the client’s needs.

Think it Change it

Dawn Walton - "I de-hypnotise you out of behaviours that get in the way of your life" If you have a problem with your car, you go and see a mechanic. If you strain a muscle, you go and see a physio or a doctor. So why not go and see a therapist if you have a problem with your head? Anxiety (Social, health, situational etc), depression, phobias, weight and food issues, physical issues like CFS and IBS, self confidence and self esteem, addictions, child abuse and trauma and much more...


Dr Wendy Thorley. CEL&T provides information for anyone wanting to know about loss and trauma and the impact upon children. They work in partnership with several organisations regionally and nationally to provide collaborative working in order to support a wide range of children and young people from a range of diverse home environments. CEL&T also run the ACE Network North East


Cumbria Youth Alliance. Working with and for young people to enable them to reach their full potential. CYA works with young people and also organisations who are involved with young people

Reiki by Gem

Gemma Gardner - Reiki Practioner.  Reiki is a modality that helps support mind body and spirit. It can be used along side and other treatment, medication and beliefs. Gemma provides this healing treatment either from her home in Penrith or at the clients home across the Cumbria area.