Dr Nadine Burke Harris

ACEs TEDMED talk by CYW Founder and CEO Dr. Nadine Burke Harris viewed 3 million+ times and used actively in training's, college curricula and continuing education programs. The TED talk has been pivotal in CYWs role as a national messenger of ACEs and toxic stress awareness.

We recommend this book to everyone.  In The Deepest Well Dr Burke Harris reveals the science behind childhood adversity and offers a new way of understanding the adverse events that affect us throughout our lifetime. Based on her own groundbreaking clinical work and public leadership, Dr Burke Harris shows us how we can disrupt this cycle through interventions that help retrain the brain and body, foster resilience, and help children, families, and adults live healthier, happier lives.

We have nothing to gain by recommending Dr Nadine Burke Harris's book - apart from the good feeling that we have done something worthwhile.