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Working with ACEs

The course is accredited by OCN Credit 4 Learning as a Level 2 CPD one-day course. 

Credit 4 Learning is a long established not for profit educational charity working to improve the quality of education across the UK.

The course is designed for delegates who are working with children, young people or adults in education, care, or custody settings, and parents and practitioners with an interest in adverse childhood experiences.

The training helps the delegate identify the range of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) used in the CDC-Kaiser ACEs Study, know how ACEs affect long-term health, know what can be done to prevent ACEs, and know how/who to screen for ACEs and support recovery from ACEs and how to build resilience, and also understand the basics of Neuroplasticity.

The full 3-year certification course is £120 per delegate, or £100 for a certificate of attendance only.

Working with ACEs Training


College of Life and TotalTrain are working in association to provide OCN Credit 4 Learning CPD accredited ACEs awareness training across the UK.

To arrange IN-HOUSE training or for group concessions please contact us at:



Greenock 12/12/2018
‘You have opened my eyes to the world of ACEs’, ‘I really found the course insightful’, ‘Very informative’, ‘The content of the course was very good’, ‘I enjoyed the training and learned so much’, ‘Very interesting and thought provoking’, ‘It was great’, ‘Very detailed and informative training, I would definitely recommend this course to others’, ‘Very detailed training with real life issues discussed’, ‘Very informative and useful training’, ‘Very moving, thought provoking training. I Will be using the guidance with young people I support’, ‘Training was excellent and it will be helpful both professionally and personally’.

Carlisle 14/11/2018
 ‘Good reinforcement of how to tackle the issues we face as a practitioner’, ‘Really enjoyed the course, great trainer and enjoyed the tasks’, ‘very interesting and useful, very good course’, ‘The trainer was excellent’, ‘excellent, engaging and informative’, ‘fantastic’, ‘absolutely loved this training, great subject delivered by a really fab trainer’, ‘the delivery of the course was interesting, the presenter was very approachable, caring and sensitive’, ‘training suitable for everyone, learned a wealth today’, ‘great structure and content, videos were so thought provoking’, ‘was extremely informative, this course was heartfelt’, ‘keep doing what you are doing’.

Barrow 5/11/2018 & Kendal 7/11/2018

The feedback from all 4 ACEs presentations has been very encouraging. They were attended by 82 designate teachers for CLA, 9 members of the Virtual School team and one person who is the Public Health Lead for Children & Young People in CCC. The additional feedback from the Kendal sessions include: “The most informative course I’ve done for a long time!”, “An inspirational speaker”, “ACE presentation brilliant and so important” and “ACEs- going to share with all the staff in school as soon as I can”. Many thanks, you are making such a massive positive difference.

Carlisle 6/11/2088
Thank you to the Virtual Schools head in Cumbria for this feedback on the ACEs  presentations: “the most valuable training I’ve had in a long time”, “amazing and completely opens your mind”, “it has changed my view of challenging behaviours in children”

Workington 5/11/2018
“really opened my eyes!” ,“very powerful speaker”, “super- lots of relevant knowledge and information”, “very thought provoking”, “inspirational”

Whitehaven 4/10/2018

'Everyone I have spoken to has given extremely positive feedback - we are so very grateful for your time, honesty and knowledge.', 'Excellent training, truly inspirational, thank you.',  'Thank you so much. I appreciate you sharing your personal story. It will help me with my son but not only that, many children and adults I know.',  Thank you for the training today at the Beacon. You’re very brave, thank you for sharing your story .' 

Carlisle 7/09/2018

  'My company was so impressed by the training in Carlisle last week and our enthusiasm when telling them about it that they have booked four of us on the Scottish conference! ', 'A good day, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot', 'This has been a fantastic help, very informative and I enjoyed the training', 'This training totally engaged me and I was able to make valuable connections to my work', 'Excellent', 'Really enjoyed the day', 'It was very informative, useful, enjoyed, very good', 'Very interesting and helpful -the presentation was engaging and motivational', 'Excellent training high quality information, well prepared'.

Brough 3/09/2018

'Thank you so much, on behalf of all at Eden Park Academy for your wonderful presentation/training. We all got so much from the day.'

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